We turn your conflicts and deadlocks into realizable solution roadmaps.

In a compact and well-structured process we create solution spaces and set the frame for the individual change of perspectives.

Results from the past can be evaluated under new premises and build the fundament for joint definition of a solution roadmap where no one is left behind.

The intervention marks the starting point for a stringent and benefit-oriented strategy or project development process.


  • Solution Framing® Workshop
  • Roadmap Development
  • Implementation Monitoring

Good managers don’t have conflicts. True?

Wrong. Conflicts are an integral part of projects and problem solving processes, as stakeholder perspectives always will differ. Key to resolution is to find consensus on the right level and to value the existing energy and expertise.

What do you gain?

  • Immediate room for manoeuvre within the defined solution space
  • Positive energy for the team
  • Long-term orientation
  • Clear frame conditions for future decisions
  • Key messages for internal and external communication

Don’t let your conflicts end up in deadlocks. And if they do, let us work on your way out!