Press release on the foundation of the company

Newly founded consulting company supports strategic decision-making with internationally successful methods.

Complex strategic decisions determine the success and failure of companies and organizations. Almost 50 percent of these decision do not lead to the expected success and could be improved. The specialized consulting firm Decision Advisory Group (DAG) focuses precisely on this – with proven methods and many years of international experience.

(Vienna, October 22, 2020) The two company founders Daniel Dantine and Heinz Nusser combine many years of experience from the top management of multinational corporations and the development and management of large projects with in-depth specialist knowledge of decision-making quality, forecasting and the design of decision-making processes.

Crisis amplifies decision-making mistakes

Decisions are on the agenda of every manager. But in an increasingly uncertain and dynamic world, business decisions are becoming more and more complex. “This makes it harder for organizations to make good decisions,” explains Dantine. In times of crisis, this situation is potentiated again because the opportunities to compensate for the effects of bad decisions become fewer. “We support organizations and companies in their decision-making, in value forecasts and in forecasts with scientifically sound and practically tested methods and the application of best-practice tools,” explains Dantine.

Solutions for higher decision-making qualities

Not only spectacular wrong decisions jeopardize success. Frequent weaknesses are decision-making processes that are too slow, such as being too focused on a certain analysis, ignoring risks, or making assumptions that are far too optimistic and self-confident. “There are many misleading tracks off the correct approach,” says Dantine. “But almost all of them have now been evaluated in numerous studies and are well known. It is therefore profitable to get specialists for important decisions who will accompany the decision-making process with this knowledge”, emphasizes Dantine.

Inhouse Assessments- and Trainings

In addition to project-related advisory services in the field of decision-making, DAG also offers the organization-wide introduction of Decision and Forecasting Excellence and implements tailor-made in-house assessments and trainings in this context.

Sector focus: energy industry, public sector, industry

The focus of the new company lies in those areas from which the two company founders bring most of their own experience: “For the time being, we want to concentrate on the energy industry, the public sector and capital-intensive industrial companies, with the issue of decision-making quality becoming increasingly important in less capital-intensive industries wins ”, says company partner Heinz Nusser. “The processes and the people behind them tick according to very similar patterns everywhere,” says Nusser. Renewable energy solutions are particularly important in the industry portfolio, which is underlined by a cooperation with the Bilfinger Group on the subject of district heating and a request to carry out a study on the use of hydrogen in German industry.

“Our methodology addresses all the necessary components for a quality-assured approach and enables smarter and faster decisions,” explains Dantine. “The advantages for our customers are an increase in value through better strategic decisions, an acceleration of the decision-making process and a proactive handling of uncertainties and risks,” emphasizes Dantine.

Founding experiences from two perspectives

Daniel Dantine brings his many years of management experience in international corporations in the media, wood and paper as well as energy sectors with employments in Switzerland, New Zealand and Romania to the company. In terms of content, his professional focus was on finance & controlling, strategy development and business development. Most recently, as Vice President, he was responsible for the commercial business development of the new energy solutions at OMV. In his various stations, Dantine was involved in a number of strategically important and complex decisions and was responsible for highly relevant decisions and their preparation.

Heinz Nusser contributes decades of experience as a project manager, consultant and trainer to the Decision Advisory Group. His Solution Framing© approach for integrating controversial stakeholder interests in decision-making processes is applied worldwide. His experience in initiating and managing major projects ensures that strategic decisions are followed by a coherent implementation plan. “The inclusion of different stakeholder perspectives – especially in the public and political context – requires transparent decision-making processes and a clear organization. Our process and workshop design has been tried and tested internationally and is suitable for in-house development processes across multiple locations as well as for municipal and regional programs, ”emphasizes Nusser.

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