We make your decisions become true milestones in efficient project development and implementation.

Countless decisions must be made from project start to final delivery. Most of them are taken under uncertainty, time pressure and budget restrictions. Without clearly defined decision-making criteria, recycling of decisions and drifting discussions consume precious time and resources.

What do you gain?

Introducing decision quality to your projects might be the most valuable step when it comes to

  • cost-efficient project development
  • increasing transparency in complex projects
  • improving the project team’s performance
  • empowering decision-makers
  • unbiased forecasting of results and impact

Decision quality delivers immediate benefit to your projects and builds the fundament for reliable future development.


We successfully implement Decision Quality on project and corporate level:

  • Facilitation of Solution Framing® Workshops (on-site / online)
  • Decision Mapping and Sequencing
  • Implementation of Decision Quality Criteria
  • Definition of the Organizational Setup
  • Definition of Roles & Responsibilities
  • Process Implementation and Monitoring
  • Training and Implementation Support